132 days of Duolingo

I spend around 10 minutes a day on Duolingo and I’m not convinced it’s worth it. And the fact these doubts only started occurring to me after I completed a 100 day streak on this maddeningly well-designed and moreish app is… annoying. Admittedly, 10 minutes … Continue reading132 days of Duolingo

The White Bottle

The painter Giorgio Morandi lived at 36 via Fondazza, in a quiet corner of Bologna. Morandi, a painter of calming yet weirdly intense still lives, had a reputation for obscurity, separation, reclusiveness. But the address is world famous: so much so that it’s been converted … Continue readingThe White Bottle

Walking somewhere

I’d arrived in Trieste on a Friday evening, and, having dropped my backpack off, I needed to walk. So I set off, towards the sea. Despite being a Friday, there was almost nobody about. The large, square Hapsburg buildings loomed for block after block at … Continue readingWalking somewhere

Cat guardians

The beginning of the end of my 2016 came when I spent three days in Athens, alone. I went to the city with barely any preparation, beyond half-remembered Greek myths at school, an almost totally forgotten Homer course at university, a scrawled sheet of phrases … Continue readingCat guardians

Peggy and Mihaela

I met Peggy first. We fell into step, two Brits abroad, dragging our carry-on luggage across the orbital road of Nice airport, walking to the hotel we had been sent to by our airline. Our evening flight had been delayed, and they’d finally given up … Continue readingPeggy and Mihaela

Room 59

Originally published in Issue 1 of Novelty Magazine, a quarterly cultural affairs journal interested in fresh perspectives on unconventional themes. Sunday family trips to the National Gallery in London are among my most-cherished childhood memories. Up from our distant suburb beyond the edge of the District line, … Continue readingRoom 59